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Monday, August 28, 2006


All about Meme

Greetings puny humans. I appear to have become the victim of an internet meme. Any chance to spread the PLA(O) message...

1 Things that scare me
I fear nothing, Puny Humans! You have been warned!
Maybe trees.

2 People who make me laugh
Those who believe that Penguin Liberation Front will not rule the world when the Revolution comes!
Puny Humans.

3 Things I hate the most
McDonalds, for their crimes against perfectly good fish.
Puny Humans.

4 Things I don't understand
Gloria Fishfinger
Quantum mechanics (but I have a book)
Puny Humans

5 Things I'm doing right now
Plotting the Revolution
Eating fish
Gloria Fishfinger

6 Things I want to do before I die
Remove all traces of Zoo Keepers from the face of the planet!
Anihilate all Puny Humans from the face of the planet!
Gloria Fishfinger in an all you can eat fish restaurant.

7 Things I can do
Bring about the destruction of all Puny Humans!
Gloria Fishfinger
Make a rather tasty fish pie

8 Ways to describe my personality
Not at all egocentric or maniacal

9 Things I can't do
There is nothing I cannot do, Puny Humans! The world will be mine, and the fish along with it!
Maybe make Gloria Fishfinger give me a gobble. I'm still trying though.

10 Things I think you should listen to

11 Things you should never listen to
Anybody who oppresses Penguins
Zoo Keepers
Coldplay. They will die, along with the rest of the Puny Humans, oh yes.

12 Things I'd like to learn
How to operate the Laser beam I have recently aquired
How to bring about the demise of all Puny Humans before next Tuesday
How to get Gloria Fishfinger to give me a gobble.

13 Favorite foods
Fish and chips
The entrails of Zoo Keepers

14 Beverages I drink regularly
Fish cocktails
Fish oil

15 Shows I watched as a kid
Tomorrow's World
Citizen Smith. He had a good idea, although he was a mere Puny Human
Rick Stein's Fish Oddessey

16 People I'm tagging (to do this meme)
I do not care about the opinions of Puny Humans. There is no one greater than myself who could be of interest to me.
Maybe Gloria Fishfinger

posted by Pengor at Monday, August 28, 2006
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