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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Fish of the Week

Yes, dear readers, today marks the long awaited return of the Fish of the Week column, where I examine the finest fish in the seven seas, and eat them.

This week: The Blenny.

As you can see from this particular example, it is not tied to a tree. Therefore, this fish can be positively described as a "Blenny on the Loose".

Rather nice whole, or which chips and peas. Or, simply, you can fire it out of a cannon at your worst enemy and watch the enraged Blenny rip their face off, dismember them, and throw their still thrashing body around like a rag doll. Hang on, that's Killer Whales.

The Blenny. Probably makes a nice pet.

Last terrible Blenny pun:

Favourite song - Elton John's Blenny and the Jets. I thank you.

posted by Pengor at Sunday, September 25, 2005
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