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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Jail, again

Another blow for Penguin Liberation after yours truly did another 28 days at Her Majesty's Pleasure following the rather unfortunate end to Operation Fishy Freedom, a raid on Harbour Fisheries that bagged us enough seafood to last well into the next century.

Unfortunately, the lovely Gloria Fishfinger had left our escape vehicle parked on a double yellow, and got herself distracted by the contents of Top Shop. Result: clamped, nicked, and a hideous credit card bill to boot.

And just my luck that the beak was a bit of a fish fan himself and resented my liberation of the town's entire supply, which had to be destroyed for fear of "flipper rot", whatever that is. To be fair, he actually gave me the choice of 2 hours of community work, acting as a traffic cone outside the Town Hall or a month in the jug. And by God, I've got standards to maintain.

Still, 28 days away from the Mrs, and my cell-mate Bubba hardly bummed me at all. Lucky old me.

posted by Pengor at Tuesday, May 24, 2005
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