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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


So it's come to this

So it's come to this. So broke are we after the debcale of the Penguin Liberation Army (Officials) Fishmas party, that I have been forced into paid work. If that were not humiliating enough, I have broken one of the very principles I hold dear to my little pengy heart.

I am a waiter in a posh restaurant. And yes, I have my own tuxedo. However, I am exempt from wearing a bow-tie for medical reasons (ie my lack of opposable thumbs prevents me from tying the thing, and my BUPA insurance does not go as far as having a couple grafted on, not that I'd want these symbols of human oppression).

It is, by far, the most depressing experience of my life, and if you, by chance were to pay a visit to the establishment where I am working, I would strongly advise against ordering the clam chowder.

Send more money and fish.

posted by Pengor at Tuesday, December 21, 2004
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