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Monday, December 01, 2003


Ho. Ho. Ho.

Another one from the Twelve Days of Christmas wossname that's appearing in Web User magazine any time now.

Well... it IS December...

Greetings Puny Humans!

As a result of a bizarre misunderstanding and the exchange of five hundred pounds of your Earth money, it appears that myself and certain members of the Penguin Liberation Army comprise part of a gift to a young man from her “True Love”. Loverboy is now our hostage, and let me tell you, a penguin with his flipper on the trigger of an AK-47 is not to be messed with. We demand complete Penguin control of the United Nations, the abolition of cute Christmas cards with Penguins with bow-ties, thirty-seven tons of Grimsby fish and a jar of pickled onions within twenty-four hours or “True Love” gets boyfriend back in a milk carton.

Happy New Year,
Pengor (Penguin Liberation Army)

posted by Pengor at Monday, December 01, 2003
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