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Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Vive le Revolution!

Another blow for Penguin-kind with a co-ordinated attack on our local McDonalds by our crack commando team, led by myself, young Lenny and the dreaded Gang of Fish. Swooping on the den of vice in Gloria Fishfinger's Renault Scenic, we struck hard and fast at the drive through window and gave 'em all we had. By the time we had left the premises, there was nary a Fillet-o-Fish to be found to exploit the paying masses of this down-trodden town. That'll learn them capitalist bastards.

Those McFlurries are nice. And Lenny liked his Finding Nemo toy with his Happy Meal. Fish-tastic.

Next week: we rob Blockbuster Video of every copy of Jaws we can find. No surrender!

Thanks to Ionicus for finding this, even though he's not a penguin, and probably isn't fish flavoured.


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