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Friday, October 03, 2003



Good grief, is it Friday already? I've spent the entire week changing nappies and liquidising fish for baby Leonid, and have done precious little preparation for the forthcoming Penguin Revolution (pencilled in for a week Saturday). How's a penguin supposed to overthrow a tyrannical government and replace it with his own ...err... tyrannical government when he's covered in baby sick?

Worse stilll, I was forced to inspect the troops carrying the little sod in a papoose. And where's the lovely Gloria Fishfinger while I'm been struggling on like this? In the Penguin Beauty Department of Harrod's, spending my hard-earned. Cash which should be buying AK-47s and shiny great tanks, instead going on a beak polish and feather conditioning.

At this rate, I'll be the first against the wall come the revolution. Gah.

posted by Pengor at Friday, October 03, 2003
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